Mobile Dog Grooming

betsy h.

Everything about Ruff Revival is wonderful! Both of my dogs looked amazing and my heavy shedding dog didn't drop even one hair after Alexi worked his magic! No one in my family could believe it! The mobile van is beautiful, clean and modern. Fantastic service!

Nancy V.

Our Belle looks beautiful after her grooming. Alexi takes great care in making friends w her from Day 1. I am thankful for the Mobile Service as I can’t always run out due to Heart Failure. I would highly recommend you use this Service.You will be happy you did.

peter u.

Alexi was great and Rosalita loved him. Rosie came home looking wonderful and happy and so were we. Thank you Alexi, we’ll see you soon.


Great experience. My dog enjoyed his spa day and came out looking awesome. I would highly recommend.

Erin C.

Alexi was so sweet and kind! Our dog cinnamon seemed to love him too. He took extra good care of our dog and did a great job! Would definitely do this again.

Ted J.

First time using Ruff. Alexi, the groomer and owner takes the time to get to know you and your dogs. He's very personable and my 3 Yorkies took to him immediately. RUFF cares about your dogs!My dogs were a mess when I handed them over to Alexi. We had had some issues with another groomer and it took us awhile to find someone we were comfortable with. It took to long and our dogs were way overgrown and matted. Well, it took Alexi awhile, but with each dog being handed back to me, I was won over each time. Alexi, takes his time and I would recommend RUFF to anyone. Great job Alexi!

Jeanne K.

Ruff Revival is the best! Friendly, reliable, and convenient service! Our dog always looks and smells great.

Keith T.

Alexi did a tremendous job grooming my dog, HashBrown. Previous attempts to groom her myself were stressful for both her and me. With Alexi, she was smiling the entire time! Even better, she came out of the grooming experience looking and smelling great! If you have a dog and live in the Monmouth County area - pamper him or her with Ruff Revival. You’ll be very happy with the results!

Danielle H.

Alexi is amazing! Finley absolutely loved her spa day. He’s so passionate about the care and treatment of of his clients. I think Finley would have just walked back out the door with him. He is the dog whisperer of pampering. You found your calling, Alexi!!! xx

Kathy B.

Alexi was wonderful, kind and understanding with our cockapoo. I would definitely recommend his services!!!

Kelly C.

Alexi is fantastic and gives excellent advice that I needed for my dogs care. I highly recommend him.

Sherel R.

Alexi is professional, does a wonderful job grooming our pomeranians, and our pups loooovvvee him! Easy to rate his business with 5-stars, he deserves it!

Susan G.

All 3 dogs jumped into the van to look at the other dogs' spa 3 y.o with seizures was in heaven. My 6 y.o looked so beautiful that we regretted not showing her. And our 15 y.o curmudgeon smiled at the end of an exhausting day for Alexi. Job well done and to be done for many months

Victoria E.

I was so impressed with every detail of the service ~!that ALexi provided for our Golden Doodle ~ FINNAGAN~ he did not miss ONE DETAIL~~~ HE was very friendly and professional! He loooed like a new dog! We can’t wait to use RUFF* REVIVAL~ again �Highly recommended �

Mark D.

Not everyone likes working with Pities. BLUE BELLA is an excellent judge of character, she has been comfortable, and at home with Ruff Revival since the start. Everyone thinks BLUE BELLA looks great when she steps out of the Mobile Dog Spa...THANK YOU...